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I didnʻt write to you “empty handed.” I found this short article on Self.com with some pretty easy neck stretches. It makes a world of difference for me when I stretch regularly. Of course, if you arenʻt sure, ask you doctor if these stretches are appropriate.

I like the first few because we have all been doing them for years. The article just spells outs “how” you should be doing it.

Hereʻs the first one:

Seated Neck Release – From Self.com

You use light pressure with your hand and gently stretch your tight/sore muscles. Easy, right? There are a couple that get more complicated, but this is a great start.

This is the whole list:

  • Seated Neck Release (Featured above)
  • Seated Clasping Neck Stretch (Two handed version of the first one)
  • Behind the Back Neck Stretch (Another good one. I love this.)
  • Grounded Tipover Tuck (Getting complicated. maybe skip this one.)
  • Seated Heart Opener (work on your balance too…)
  • Bridge (only if it doesnʻt cause any pain. Seriously.)

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You can check out the whole Self.com article here.

6 Stretches To Relieve A Tight, Sore Neck



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