Summer Time Blues And “Alternative” Neck Pain Management

Hello, hello! I’m sorry we’ve been so quiet lately. We had a number of production delays and other fires to put out, but we’re still working hard to get the original 4 inch pillow in-stock as soon as possible. The new ship dates should be around the end of October. There will still be plenty of time to order for the Holidays.

Changing gears…

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Have you ever heard of or tried mindfulness meditation? If you’re starting to tune out, stay with for just a couple of minutes. I just saw an article on about meditation as a support for neck pain relief. The gist of the article is that most neck pain is caused by some sort of tension or stress. Mediation is a proven stress relief method. In fact, meditation is so well documented that it is recommended stress relief method in the Dr. Dean Ornish Cardiac Rehabilitation Program. The Ornish Program is a lifestyle change program that is proven to manage and some times reverse (yes, reverse) heart disease symptoms. Also, the Ornish Program is a paid benefit through Medicare, so it’s not some pseudo-science treatment, it has a track record of real results.

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Out Of Stock – Weʻre Sorry

Hello, everyone. I am sorry to have to post this, but we are out of stock. Have no fear, we do have a timeline to get a shipment. We should have new pillows available in the middle of September. Donʻt forget to sign up for the email list so we can notify you when they are back in stock. You know what? Because you have to wait, I will send out a 20% coupon code to the email list once we are back in stock. Tell your friends and family to sign up so they can get the coupon.

I didnʻt write to you “empty handed.” I found this short article on with some pretty easy neck stretches. It makes a world of difference for me when I stretch regularly. Of course, if you arenʻt sure, ask you doctor if these stretches are appropriate.

I like the first few because we have all been doing them for years. The article just spells outs “how” you should be doing it.

Hereʻs the first one:

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Tonkotsu Style Ramen

Back In Stock – Limited Time

It’s been a crazy few weeks. I was on vacation (in Japan!) and we ran out of stock. There’s only so much I can do if I’m away from the office and running around from morning till night. We saw some incredible stuff, hung out in Akihabara, rode the bullet train, and of course ate a lot of amazing food. One highlight was the Kobe Beef at Yakiniku M Hozenjiyokocho . Oh. my. goodness. The premium platter was an assortment of intoxicatingly delicious cuts. But there was work to do, so we’re back.

Beef Sushi at Matsusakagyu Yakiniku M

Beef Sushi. Melt in your mouth tender. Surprisingly palatable for just about everyone. And the presentation gets an A+.

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Streets of Akihabara. Not my photo, but I wanted to show you what it looks like.









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